Prescription Vision Exam

Visual Eye Health Examination

We offer a discounted Visual Eye Health Examination for our uninsured patients. This examination is to help patients who would otherwise not be able to afford an eye examination and glasses prescription.

A Phoropter can measure refractive error that your eye doctor uses to determine your lens prescription during an eye examination. During a refraction test, the doctor puts the instrument called a phoropter in front of your eyes and shows you a series of lens choices. He or she will then ask you which of the two lenses in each choice looks clearer. Based on your answers, your eye doctor will continue to fine-tune the lens power until reaching a final eyeglass prescription.

All of our providers are highly qualified to perform Visual Eye Health Exams to check on the overall health of the eyes to obtain an eyeglass prescription.

This examination consists of a refraction to obtain an eye glasses prescription (this does not include a contact lens prescription). It also includes a dilated examination to check for any background medical conditions in the eyes.

Routine Eye Examination

Sometimes a routine eye exam can catch a potential medical problem with your eyes. In that case, we would want to follow up with a medical eye exam. A medical eye exam is not meant to assess refractions (eye glass prescriptions) but rather includes diagnostic testing and exams to monitor medical conditions and to help treat ocular disease. These exams often require dilation of your eyes, but not always. They are usually covered by your medical insurance and can be performed by any of our five providers.

Medical eye exams are then performed regularly to monitor progression of an ocular disease and provide intervention when needed. Many ocular diseases affect your vision before vision loss is noticeable. With regular exams and follow ups, our providers are able to see a problem occurring in your eyes before irreversible damage may occur. Medical diagnostic testing is often done on these exams to monitor possible progression of an eye disease.

Diagnoses that would require medical eye exams include (but are not limited to): Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD), Blepharitis, Blurred Vision, Conjunctivitis, Double Vision, Dry Eyes, Flashes and Floaters, Keratoconus (Corneal Abnormality), Ocular Allergies and Systemic Conditions (such as: Diabetes, High blood pressure, thyroid problems, inflammatory conditions and other medical problems). For more information about these conditions, see these pages: Cataract SurgeryGlaucomaDiabetes Eye Problems and Other Eye Care.



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